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1.  Can I place an order online?

You can always place an order by adding items to your wishlist and submit the same to request for a quote. Alternatively you could also email us at or call us on 033-32507924.

2.  What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by cash to our flagship store in Kolkata only
Payment can be made by cheque payable to 'KAJI' and sent to 38/A Garcha 1st Lane, Kolkata-19.
Payment can also be made via bank transfer. For more details on bank transfer payments please mail us at

3.  Can the product be shipped nationally/internationally?

We are currently only shipping within India.

4.  What are my delivery costs?

Delivery costs depend on the volume & weight of products chosen, the method of delivery & the destination. Once the order is placed, the delivery charges are calculated and billed to the customer along with the invoice amount, and you can expect this to be about 7-9% of your invoice amount in most cases.

5.  How long will the order take?

The order usually takes 3 working days to be processed, depending upon the availability of the goods.

6.  Can a product be customized?

Products can be customized with any of your designs/logos/photos. We typically have a minimum order quantity for customization requests. For more information,please mail us at

7.  Where all can I buy your products?

Please check out the 'geography' link at the bottom of the site to know more

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