Born to an affluent & reputed family, Shrivant More completed his schooling from Kolkata, before moving to Manchester for higher studies.The year 2005, saw him graduate from The University of Manchester, with a degree in management.

Shrivant, then went on to pursue a career as an Auditor in Ernst & Young, whilst alongside completing his Chartered Accountancy from Institute of Scotland.

In 2009, upon his return to India, Shrivant made a foray in a new avenue, one of interiors & lifestyle. Fuelled by an inborn sense of aesthetics & creativity, aided by Kolkata’s steeped heritage of artistry & skilled craftsmanship, this stint saw instant success and the inception of KAJI.The rest as they say is History.
Shrivant possesses an entrepreneurial flair, and is inclined towards experimenting with new mediums & designs, traits that constantly propel the brand to new heights.

Devina MORE

Hailing from the city of Kolkata, Devina More also completed her bachelors in management science from the University of Manchester. Having met Shrivant More during this time, their creative ideologies & rapport were so much in sync that it was only natural to collaborate.Having a natural understanding of the market, Devina lends her expertise towards market research, product development & furniture design. Passionate about travelling, Devina has a flair for discerning trends & styles globally, which when coupled with keen sense of detailing, makes way for the extraordinary.

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