KAJI – Established in the year 2009, KAJI is now a household name with the elite in Kolkata, and growing to be so in other metropolitan cities.

Offering an extensive range of home accessories, bedding, tableware, furniture & wall accents, painstakingly curated from across the world, and designed keeping global trends on the forefront, KAJI is the go-to place for homemakers looking for cutting edge designs with a twist.

KAJI also offers an exclusive design service to its patrons for interiors. Drawing inspiration from a kaleidoscope mix of cultures, eras & styles, the idea is to surprise, stimulate & entertain.

Presented to you here, are all the works of an essential lifestyle subtly, yet tastefully lined with luxury. Ranging from bespoke furniture design to complementing interiors and home accents, KAJI is a one-stop destination guaranteeing its patrons fulfillment of inner creativity through the elements of design & creativity.

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